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Brant Lee Croucher
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Debut albums are a conundrum.  Often an artist has yet to find that creative strength that makes a hit project.  Way too often an artist is trying so hard to show the world all their talents in forty-five minutes that a great deal gets lost.  While Brant Lee Croucher shows you some diversity on this album, he stays within genre nicely, giving you multiple moods without alienating his core audience.  Most of the cuts are lyrically driven, probably sounding just as poignant acoustically as they do on the studio version.  The outstanding feature of this album is Croucherís voice.  I think he sees himself as a singer/songwriter and a guitar-and-a-guy type performer, and Iím not sure he realizes what an exceptional voice he has.  Croucher could abandon his own songs for a full disc of crooner-specific standards and come up with a hit album.  This is a certainty.  Croucher has natural and honed vocal skills which he fails to fully showcase on this disc.  As a debut offering, this one does its job; it gives Croucherís fans something to take along with them between shows.  His followers will rejoice in the comfortable and unassuming sound of this recording.  Those who are introduced to Brant Lee by this disc will soon crave a live performance, longing for Croucherís emotional side that he can only deliver on stage.  In the studio, Croucher has been technical and true to the music, but as with most debut albums, itís a snapshot in time for the artist; a forty-five minute experience that is totally overshadowed once Croucher takes the stage armed only with a microphone and a guitar.  Donít underestimate Croucher; his voice is going to take him a long way in this business.  He is going to be a very popular performer around Texas, and beyond.  If I were managing him, however, I would focus more on mesmerizing audiences with the voice, leaving the great songwriting for a more established time.  The songwriting will be a giant boost to Croucherís career, but there are a plethora of great songwriters out there.  The truth is, however, (and no one will argue with me on this) very few of them can offer the outstanding vocal support of their songs.  Croucherís voice is stellar in its quality and I think he can back his way into stardom with it instead of trying to swim upstream with all the others who simply sing what theyíve written.  Give me a year, a budget, and Croucherís complete faith in himself, and Iíll give you an international superstar sophomore album that will be gold on day one.  Peel away the mysteries of this very good debut offering and discover the majestic voice of Brant Lee Croucher.  You will hear the sound of a superstar in the making.

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