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Mandy Mercier
©2006 Wild Cantinas Records
Review by Lucky Boyd

Some dream of it, and some attempt it.  Mandy Mercier jumps up on top of it and beats it into submission.  From the opening cut, Mercier attacks each song as if it will be her last.  Few singers possess this type of passion for performing.  Blues fans will enjoy the song selection on this 2006 release as Mercier blends covers, originals, and innovative arrangements of traditional tunes to produce a masterful album.  Organ player: Chip Dolan, yes that Chip Dolan.  (I once told Chip I was going to make him famous.  Iím doing the best I can)  Dolanís performance is neo-retro and perfect for Mercierís style.  The title cut is a Ray Wylie Hubbard composition and Hubbard duets on the cut.  Mercierís performance on ďBall and ChainĒ is worth the price of the disc.  Not typical in her delivery, Mercier has developed a unique sound that makes her one of the best in Texas.  Good friends and fellow MTM members Shake Russell and Dana Cooper both appear on the album as do Champ Hood and Paul Skelton.  Excellent project top to bottom.

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