Manwolf Strayhorn

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Son Of Thunder

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Song Clips

Son Of Thunder Listen
Wolf Clan Way Listen
Ancient Ones Listen
The River Rolls Listen
Huron Dreams Listen
Long Man River Listen
Seminole Home Listen
Long Time Ago Listen
Time Rider Listen
The Lost Cherokee Listen

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Song Clips

Cherokee Outlaw Listen
Whiskey Listen
The Path Listen
The Eagle And The Rabbit Listen
Debbie's Song Listen
Wolfclan Woman Listen
The Feathers Fell Listen
Sad Song Listen
Cherokee Pride Listen
Indian Land Listen

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my Hometown:  Seven Points, Texas my Website:   Click here  (Warning: this is a Tripod site and they typically have tons of pop-ups.  However, if you have a good pop-up blocker, this site is worth the visit.)
my GenresNative American    Instrumental
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my Fans will also like:      Cornell Kinderknecht (flute)     Somkey Wilson    Buck "The Big Man" Helton

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