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Chunky Butt Funky
CD (2002)

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Song Clips from
"Chunky Butt Funky"
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Wham Bam It's A Booty Jam Listen
Open Minded Redneck Listen
Aqua Velva Man Listen
Titty Bar Listen
Wasted Listen
Lickety Tits Listen
Soccer Riot Listen
Directions Listen
Makin Magic Listen
Long Time Ago Listen
Masterbate Listen
Fuck 'Em Listen
El Camino Listen
Drunk Again Listen
Rasta Man Listen
Livin It Up Listen
Mexican Wrestler Listen
History Of The
Beer Bong
CD (1999)

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Song Clips from
"History of the Beer Bong"
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Big Booty Woman Listen
Send In The Bitches Listen
Camel Toe Listen
South Carolina Listen
Bulletproof Listen
White Trash Galore Listen
Over You Listen
8.8 Seconds To Glory Listen
Hangover Blues Listen
Mexican Bus Listen
Tubin' Listen
Austin Town Listen
Warrior Princess Listen
Feel The Vibe Listen
Yesterday For Tonight Listen
Copenhagen Listen
Boystown Listen
What Happened? Listen
Side Projects include:
Monkey Blood
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Poor J. Brown
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