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Slow Rollin' Lows
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Clear the runway, lower the gear, full flaps, and give it throttle!  SRL is coming in for a landing; they have arrived!  This band offered a live debut album, followed it with a studio sophomore project that drew a line in the sand, released a biennial project that was probably more about songwriting than performing, took a year to let Pug do a very artistic solo release, and now the fourth band album is here.  This is, hands down, the band’s best work to date.  Pug Johnson has come into his own as a vocalist, finding the confidence and power to allow his voice to become the fifth instrument in the band.  A wonderful, though sparing, use of harmonies set these songs apart from previous recordings, as they have a blend and a synergy that surpasses earlier efforts.  The band assembled Hunter McKithan and fellow MTM members Rodney Parker and Charlie Hager for an outstanding rendition of “Highwayman.” [made famous by Kristofferson, Nelson, Jennings, and Cash]  This offering, as with most SRL albums, has an underlying theme; not one that is overbearing and in-your-face, but rather one that can only be appreciated when you hold the disc cover in your hand, read the liner notes, and put yourself squarely in the shoes of One Eyed James.  To download a single song from this album instead of buying the CD should be a class C misdemeanor, as SRL entered the studio with an artistic vision of a collection of tunes that mean something when played together.  What a shame to miss out on the entire experience.  Musically, the band, along with co-producer and engineer Jon-Michael Wallace, has captured the true Slow Rollin’ Lows sound, a feat that might not have actually been done before.  It took four albums for this group to find its sound, but it’s here, it’s unmistakable, it’s recognizable, and it’s going to be around for a long time.  If albums were like stocks traded on the stock exchange, I would suggest you invest in this one.  While the band has landed in a big way, you should get yourself some copies of this disc.  Soon, they will take flight to bigger things.  This is the album that puts SRL in the big leagues.  While still missing some of the tips and tricks that major labels are looking for, it’s the kind of album that can make a career for a band.  Fans are going to love this disc.  It represents a slight turning point for a band that has been doing this for a while, and yet, they’re as young as newcomers, and have the entire sky to fly into.  So, clear the runway, the wheels are rollin’ slowly into the wind, and Pug and the boys are about to ascend into the Texas music wild blue yonder.

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