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Slow Rollin' Lows
©2007 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


The studio follow-up to the live debut offering is ONE OF THESE DAYS, a bakerís dozen project that shows a polished side of this Beaumont quartet.  Pug Johnsonís voice is the foundation of the band as this group of youngsters makes their bid for the Texas music scene.  With persistence and some great footsteps to follow, namely Jimmy Kaiser, David Lee Kaiser, and Highspeed Hayride, it wonít take long for this Golden Triangle act to make a name for themselves.  Speaking of their name, taken from the BJS tune, it seems to suit them.  The nomenclature is hauntingly descriptive of Johnsonís writing as his influences are evident with each cut.  Itís refreshing to see a band in its relative infancy with so much on the ball, utilizing dynamics and harmonies to insert a degree of emotion into their performances.  As with any band, a modicum of luck will be needed to take them to the next step, but at least the music is solid.  Even with gas prices at insane levels, youíll see this band racking up the miles as they start spreading the Slow Rolliní word all over Texas.  There is greatness in their future.  My advice, just keep doing what brought you this far, always strive to be perfectly different, and never give up.  Admittedly, this is a better project than the first CD, but itís a studio release so it should shine over the live recording.  However, donít sell the boys short on their live shows.  As their popularity starts to gather steam, they will be a welcome addition to the Texas tour club.

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