Smythe and Taylor

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Things Have
(2016) CD

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These Rosita Hills
(2012) CD

Song Clips
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These Rosita Hills Listen
Hummingbird Listen
Coyote Wind Listen
Would You Like To Play The Guitar? Listen
Walkin' On A Rainbow Listen
Cold Missouri Waters Listen
Biologically Blue Listen
Mary Ann Listen
How's The World Treating You? Listen
17 Cents Listen
Trapped By The Clouds In Her Mind Listen
Missing You Listen
Thank You Song Listen
Come What May
(2008) CD

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Hope Listen
Oh David Listen
1952 Vincent Black Lightning Listen
Keep The World Out Today Listen
Heaven's Not The Great Beyond Listen
Riversong Listen
I Got You Listen
Jezebel's Lament Listen
Devil's Ridge Listen
When Maybelle Picked The Wildwood Flower Listen
Come What May Listen
The President Said Listen
Hard Times Listen
Hit The Road Again D-18 Listen
You Shoulda Been
Here Yesterday
(2008) CD

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recorded LIVE!!

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Oh Atlanta Listen
Ghost In This House Listen
Together Strong Listen
Faith Listen
You Can Close Your Eyes Listen
Shoulda Been Here Yesterday Listen
Intro/Ireland Listen
Gary's Irish Toast Listen
Chasing A Memory Listen
Hat Story Listen
Time Is Never Wasted Listen
Missin' You Listen
The Cat Came Back Listen
Gulf Coast Highway Listen
Louisiana 1927 Listen
500 Miles Listen
Oh No, Don't Slay That Potato Listen
If I Only Had A Brain Listen
Irene Goodnight Listen
Out On The London Road Listen
Maybe It's Because
I'm Missing You

Song Clips from
"Maybe It's Because I'm Missing You"

I Feel The Rain Listen
Hit The Road Again (D-18) Listen
Maybe It's Because I'm Missing You Listen
My Real Hometown Listen
I'm Takin' It With Me Listen
Three Quarter Time Listen
Time Is Never Wasted Listen
In Each Other's Arms Listen
Great Dane Listen
Done Getting Down Listen
Only Lonely One Listen
My SUV Listen
Southbound Train Listen
Unholy Land Listen
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie / 
How Could You Believe Me
Live At The Hops House

Song Clips from
"Live At The Hops House"

West Texas Wind Listen
Beatles Song Listen
Just Don't Love You Enough Listen
Vegamatic Listen
Louise Listen
My Real Hometown Listen
Blackbird Listen
Up On The CP Line Listen
Blow Em Away Listen
Rusty Old American Dream Listen
Shallow End Of The Gene Pool Listen
Cool Carolina Wind Listen
In Spite Of Ourselves Listen
Morning Tune Listen
You Can't Be A Wimp (Take 1) Listen
You Can't Be A Wimp & Live In Texas Listen
Tequila Sunrise Listen
T.C. Smythe -
And Then Some
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T.C. & Gary also
appear on
Shoulder To The Stone
- a compilation
(2010) CD

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T.C. Smythe also
appears on HAAM's
2008 compilation!!

(2008) CD
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Smythe & Taylor also appear on:
Peace From The Porch - Volume
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"Peace From The Porch - Vol. 2" will benefit community agencies that support victims of domestic violence.  100% of the disc sales go to the local cause, in whatever community it sells.

More about these artists

my Town:  Houston, Texas
my Genre:   Folk    Country
my Website:  Click here
my Fans will also like: Melissa Adams    Joe and Tree    April Kelly    The Woodburns
my MTM Involvement:    T.C.'s company,, donated her services as official sound company for the 2004 and 2005 Texas Music Awards!  S&T donated their performance at the Jinelle Boyd benefit!
Smythe and Taylor were nominated in FOUR categories at the 2006 Texas Music Awards...Female Vocalist of the Year, Singer/Songwriter of the Year, Vocal Duo of the Year, and Song of the Year "Hit The Road Again"!
2007 Vocal Duo of the Year, 2013 Female Vocalist Nominee, Vocal Duo Nominees, 2013 Recipient of Popular Cover Award for "Missing You"!

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