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Steve Brooks

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Chasing Grace
(2009) CD


Song Clips from
"Chasing Grace"
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Walking With The Elders Listen
Will I Ever Love That Way Again? Listen
Iowa Wind Listen
Paradise Listen
One Good Year Listen
The Dark Side Of The Heart Listen
The Other Shoe Listen
Bottomless Love Listen
Riding Out The Storm Listen
Love Is A House Listen
One More Shot Of Whiskey Listen
Precious Listen


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Are You Better Off Now? Listen
Bushwacked Listen
Osama In The Autumn Listen
Trickle Up Listen
Inhale To The Chief Listen
Lesser Of Two Evils Listen
America, My Dream Listen




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Mazola Listen
Keep Austin Weird Listen
Replenishing The Aquifer Listen
Duct Tape Listen
Flipping My Jig Listen
You Would Not Know Lovin' Listen
Just Say Yes Listen




Song Clips from

The Terrorists Have Won Listen
Normal No More Listen
Fever Listen
The Silence Of The Lambs Listen

Purgatory Road



Song Clips from
"Purgatory Road"

Purgatory Road Listen
The Bluebonnet Waltz Listen
Half An Inch Of Heaven Listen
Dead Poets Society Listen
Hurt Me Tonight Listen
Father And Mother And Me Listen
Added Years To My Life Listen
Lighthouse Listen
The Great White Hope Listen
The Land Of Catfish Listen
The River Is A Woman Listen
Under The Desert Moon Listen
North Of The Border Listen
(Deep In My Heart Is) Texas Listen
The Fine Art Of Letting Go (Bonus) Listen

Sex, Lies, and Videotape



Song Clips from
"Sex, Lies & Videotape"

The Tripp Wire Listen
What Did The President Do? Listen
American Underpants Listen
The Great Divide Listen
By Any Other Name Listen
I Wanna Get A Nuclear Weapon Listen
Jesus Loves You (Even If You're Gay) Listen
The Best Little Death House In Texas Listen
Just Plain Bill Listen
Sex, Lies and Videotape Listen
Chainsaw Al Listen
Singing To Cambodia Listen
Where Did The Money Go? Listen
The New World Order Waltz Listen




Song Clips from

Come A Little Bit Closer Listen
The Checking-Out Listen
Straight From My Heart Listen
Wings Of Daylight Listen
I Don't Brake For BMWs Listen
Single New Star Listen
Most Of The Time Listen
You Would Not Know Lovin' Listen
Now And Then Listen
New Orleans Listen
Bulletproof Listen
I Change My Mind Listen

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