The Academy of Texas Music, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity.

The Board of Directors:
Lucky Boyd
Tommy Hooper
Vice President/Secretary
Jinelle Boyd
Mary Howard
Jim Howard
Alma Harrison

Executive Director (acting) - Jinelle Boyd

If you would like to serve on the Board, please fax your information to 888-693-9379 and you will be notified when Board elections occur.  Currently, Board openings are by invitation only.  A process of electing Board members from the general body through a nomination and election process is forthcoming.  All nominations for Directorship will be approved by the Board.

At minimum, our organization requires two years of volunteerism and membership on our advisory panel prior to being considered for a position on the Board.  Any group wishing to be represented can request to have a member appointed to the advisory panel.  The decision of the Board of Directors is final with respect to seats on the advisory panel and the Board.

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