:- Copyright (c) 2005 All Rights Reserved :- :- This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify :- it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by :- the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or :- (at your option) any later version. :- :- This script is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, :- but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of :- MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the :- GNU General Public License for more details. :- :- //================================================================================ * Description //================================================================================ :- phAlbum has got to be the easiest drag and drop photo album around. It sports an easy customizable look, and very powerfull features. :- With this one little file, you can make a whole photo album, very easily. Have it creat thumbs for you on the fly. (Requires GD Library) :- Features include, unlimited directory + sub-directory support, ignored files, only show certain types, auto image resizeing if desired, and :- simplicity. Plus it requires no database! All you need is this one little file. All that you need to do to create your album, :- is make folders and put images in them. The script does the rest. How much simplier can it get? Well, it now comes with a simple :- admin panel! You can make folders and upload images without your ftp client! Now, it can't get any easier. You can also do it the :- old fashin way with the ftp client if you like and turn the admin panel off! Anyways, hope this script comes in handy! //================================================================================ * Setup //================================================================================ :- To setup this script, simply drop this file anywhere in your website. Then edit the vars in phAlbum.php. //================================================================================ * Frequently Asked Questions //================================================================================ :- Q1: The script wont make thumbnails! (Yes it will, but with your help). :- A1: Make sure the folder in which the files are in is chmod 777. Use your ftp client or site admin panel to do this. :- A2: Make sure the file you want the script to make a thumb of is either jpg, gih or png. This script will not make thumbs of any other file types. :- Q2: I keep getting creating thumb errors. :- A1: Maybe the folder is chmod 777. Please do this using your ftp client or site admin panel. :- A2: This script can only make thumbs of jpg or gif images. Any other image types this script will fail to make images of. :- Q3: I cannot upload files to the folders I created in the admin panel. :- A1: Your server may have some security against the chmod() function. You will have to chmod each folder 777 with your ftp client or site admin panel. Sorry :(. :- A2: The file type of the uploaded file must be in the $show_files array in the settings of this script. Otherwise it will be denied. */ // ** ! REMEMBER TO CHMOD YOUR FOLDERS ! ** //Never know.. unset($phmessage); unset($thumb_error); unset($display_admin); /* //================================================================================ * ! ATTENTION ! //================================================================================ :- Please read the above FAQ before giving up or emailing me. It may sort out your problems! */ $album_title="My Picture Album"; //The name of this album $home_link="Album Home"; //The home link $admin_username="luckyboyd"; $admin_password="jinbda1"; $display_admin="1"; // Display the admin login form? If you select no, you will not be able to login! You will have to upload etc manually. 1=yes,0=no. $open_folder="./phopen.gif"; //The open folder image $close_folder="./phclose.gif"; //The closed folder image $big_folder="./phfolder.gif"; //The big folder image $script_url=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; //Change this if you want to use this as an include file. $files_path="./album/"; // Where does the album start? Anything under the directory the script will read. With Trailing slash $full_server="./album/"; //Enter the full server path to where the albums start. //With Trailing Slash $show_files=array("jpg","gif","png"); //The array, only show these types of files. $ignore_word="-hide"; //Hide files with this string in the name. Example, mypicture-hide.jpg will not be shown. $table_cells="3"; //How many images/folders in each row do you want? // Looks best with 3 $thumb_width="175"; //Width of the thumb $thumb_height="150"; // Height of the thumb $auto_thumb="1"; //Automatically create thumb's of gif and jpg images? 1=yes, 0=no. REQUIRES GD LIBRARY $jpg_quality="50"; // JPG thumb quality, does not work for png or gif. 0=low, 100=highest. $supress_error="0"; //Suppress errors if thumb creation fails. 1=hide errors, 0=show errors. $text_color="#868284"; // The text color. $text_size="10"; // The text size. $text_face="Verdana, Arial, sans-serif"; //The text face. Arial, Verdana etc. $link_color="#868284"; // The link color. $link_hover="#FFFFFF"; // Link link hover color, you know, when you put your mouse over a link! $error_color="#FF0000"; //Color for error messages $bgcolor="#293134"; // Page background color. $drop_shadow="1"; //Use the cool css drop shadow around the images? 1=yes, 0=no. $shadow_strength="1"; //How much do you want the shadow to show? Increase this value for more. $shadow_direction="135"; //1 to 360. Changes where the light is coming from. $shadow_color="grey"; //The shadow color. $image_border="2"; //Do you want a border around the images? 1-10, number of pixels. $border_color="#000000"; // What color do you want the image border to be? /* //================================================================================ * Attention //================================================================================ : Don't edit below this line unless you know some php. Editing some variables or other stuff could cause undeseriable results!! : This is no joke, I spent lots of time trying to work through everything, this is why I have so many comments in the file. */ //We need this to be here so we can cookie before we echo. If($display_admin) { If($_POST['login']) { If(($_POST['password']==$admin_password) AND ($_POST['username']==$admin_username)) { setcookie("phAdmin",$admin_username.$admin_password); sleep(1); header("Location: ".$script_url."?".$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']); exit; } } } //Header html.. for css etc. ?> Error: Folder ".$_POST['albumname']." could not be created. Maybe the folder exists?"; } Else { $phmessage="Folder ".$_POST['albumname']." has been created!"; } } Else { $phmessage="No Album name entered!"; } //Upload Images! } Elseif($_POST['upload']) { If($_FILES['image']['name']) { If(!upload()) { $phmessage="Error: Image ".$_FILES['image']['name']." could not be upload. Probably a Chmod Error or file exists."; } Else { $phmessage="Image ".$_FILES['image']['name']." has been uploaded!"; } } Else { $phmessage="No File Selected"; } } Elseif($_POST['remove']) { If($_POST['file']) { If(!remove()) { $phmessage="Could not delete file, probably a premission error.."; } Else { $phmessage="The file has been removed."; } } Else { $phmessage="No filename was sent to be deleted..."; } } } } //Makes the tables look nice and pretty. If($table_cells=="1") { $cell_width="100%"; } Elseif($table_cells=="2") { $cell_width="50%"; } Elseif($table_cells=="3") { $cell_width="33%"; } Elseif($table_cells=="4") { $cell_width="25%"; } Elseif($table_cells=="5") { $cell_width="20%"; } Elseif($table_cells=="6") { $cell_width="16%"; } Else { $cell_width="10%"; } //This is just a random ignore word if none is set above, pretty impossible to be in the filename anyways. If(!$ignore_word) { $ignore_word=microtime(); } //A bit tricky, but all in all it works, returns the filename without the extension! function file_name($key) { $key=strrev(substr(strstr(strrev($key), "."), 1)); return($key); } //Lets get the file extension. function file_ext($key) { $key=strtolower(substr(strrchr($key, "."), 1)); $key=str_replace("jpeg", "jpg", $key); return($key); } //My ever popular (Yeah right) function for image creation. function file_thumb($file,$album,$file_name) { global $thumb_width,$thumb_height,$jpg_quality; //Get the file extension! $file_ext=file_ext($file); //The GD Libary only supports jpg and gif really, well it can only make a gif a jpg. There are other ways like image magik, but not many have it so I didn't include that. So dent anything that isn't a gif or jpg :(. $Allow=array("jpg","gif","png"); If(in_array($file_ext,$Allow)) { //Lets do some converting! $imgdata=getimagesize($full_server.$album.$file); $imgresized=imagecreatetruecolor($thumb_width, $thumb_height); If($file_ext=="gif") { $imgsoruce=imagecreatefromgif($full_server.$album.$file); } Elseif($file_ext=="jpg") { $imgsoruce=imagecreatefromjpeg($full_server.$album.$file); } Elseif($file_ext=="png") { $imgsoruce=imagecreatefrompng($full_server.$album.$file); } Else { return false; } imagecopyresized($imgresized, $imgsoruce, 0, 0, 0, 0, $thumb_width, $thumb_height, $imgdata[0], $imgdata[1]); $new_file=$full_server.$album.$file_name."_thumb.".$file_ext; //PHP 4.4.X added safemode check which made me add this here.. $fh=fopen($new_file,'w'); fclose($fh); If($file_ext=="gif") { If(!imagegif($imgresized, $new_file)) { return false; } } Elseif($file_ext=="jpg") { If(!imagejpeg($imgresized, $new_file,$jpg_quality)) { return false; } } Elseif($file_ext=="png") { If(!imagepng($imgresized, $new_file)) { return false; } } imagedestroy($imgsoruce); imagedestroy($imgresized); return True; } return false; } //The tiny but powerfull ;) admin panel. function phadmin() { global $phmessage,$script_url,$album; If($phmessage) { Echo("

"); } ?>
Make New Album

Upload Image

\"Album ".$home_link." "; } Else { $nav="\"Album ".$home_link." "; } //How many paths do we got in $album? $count=@count($folder); //Lets make the naviation! Don't look if you have a weak stomache! for($i=0;$i<$count;$i++) { If($folder[$i]) { $path.=$folder[$i]."/"; //Give all the folders except the last folder a link and a closed picture. If(($count-2) > $i) { $nav .=" > \"".ucwords($folder[$i])."\" ".ucwords($folder[$i])." "; } Else { $nav .=" > \"".ucwords($folder[$i])."\" ".ucwords($folder[$i])." "; } } } Echo($nav); //Lets get some images!! $dir=@opendir($full_server.$album); //Loop through them all ;). while($file=@readdir($dir)) { //Don't display the stupid directory tree files. If($file!= "." AND $file!= "..") { //If it's a directory, show the folder image with a link to the new album If(is_dir($full_server.$album.$file)) { //If the file has the ignore word in it, do not show the file. If(!eregi($ignore_word,$file)) { $display_name=str_replace($find,$replace,$file); //Make the html $folders .= "\"".ucwords($display_name)."\"
\n"; $j++; If(is_int($j / $table_cells)) { //This makes the table all nice and neat, actually, it splits the table with a new every $table_cells images/folders. $folders.= "\n\n"; $folder_close="1"; } Else { $folders.=""; } } // Else, the file is not a directory, so it must be an image. } Else { $file_ext=".".file_ext($file); $file_name=file_name($file); $display_name=str_replace($find,$replace,$file_name); //Hide the thumb files from displaying as regular files and disallow any file types that are not allowed. If((!eregi("_thumb",$file)) && (in_array(file_ext($file),$show_files))) { //If the file has the ignore word in it, do not show the file. If(!eregi($ignore_word,$file)) { //If a thumb file dosen't exists, then try and make one. If($auto_thumb) { If(!file_exists($full_server.$album.$file_name."_thumb".$file_ext)) { If(!file_thumb($file,$full_server.$album,$file_name)) { $thumb_error .="Thumb for ".$files_path.$album.$file." could not be created.
"; } } } //Now, if there is a thumb file, display the thumb, else display the full images but smaller :(. If(file_exists($full_server.$album.$file_name."_thumb".$file_ext) OR file_exists($full_server.$album.$file_name."_thumb".$file_ext)) { $thumb="_thumb".$file_ext; } Else { $thumb=$file_ext; } //Make the html $remove=""; If($display_admin) { If($phAdmin==true) { $remove="\n
\n"; $remove.="\n"; $remove.="\n"; $remove.="\n"; $remove.="
\n"; } } If($drop_shadow) { //Cool drop shadow effect. $images .= "
".$remove."\n"; } Else { //Image border $images .= "\"".ucwords($display_name)."\"
".$remove."\n"; } $k++; If(is_int($k / $table_cells)) { //This makes the table all nice and neat, actually, it splits the table with a new every $table_cells images/folders. $images .= "\n\n"; $image_close="1"; } Else { $images .=""; } } } } } } @closedir($dir); //Close the directory so the bugs don't get in and display some folders and images! Whew! What a workout! ?>

\n"); Echo("\n"); Echo($folders); If(!$folder_close) { Echo("\n"); } Echo("\n"); Echo("
\n"); } Echo("
\n"); If($images) { Echo("\n"); Echo("\n"); Echo($images); If(!$image_close) { Echo("\n"); } Echo("
\n"); If($thumb_error && !$supress_error) { Echo("
The following thumb errors have occured:

Maybe this is from the folder ".$files_path.$album." not being chmod 777.
"); } } Else { Echo("\n"); Echo("\n"); Echo(""); Echo("\n"); Echo("
No images to display in this album. Please pick another album.
\n"); } Echo("
\n"); Echo("
\n"); If($display_admin) { Echo("

\n"); If($phAdmin==true) { phadmin(); } Else { ?>
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