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Aaron Wendt
©2010 Brackish Jalapeno Records
Review by Lucky Boyd

When I opened this disc and read the list of pickers, it was like a homecoming for me.  So many friends like Billy Curtis, Jack Saunders, Joe Kirkpatrick, Wayne Wilkerson, and Rick Richards appear on this disc.  Also listen for Allen Huff, Herb Remington, and so many more greats.  They’re all blended beautifully by Saunders’ production and Aaron Wendt’s amazing collection of songs.  Wendt pens every cut except a cover of Michael Hodges’ “Honky Tonks, Nightclubs, Bars and Dives.”  It’s hard to pick a favorite tune on this project, but “I Like Texas” probably gets the vote.  The title cut is a clever tune about the realization that one’s life has been captured in song.  This is a country album, and there’s no variation from the genre, giving you a great country experience throughout.  “Slow Pouring Tequila” might qualify out of genre as a Tex Mex, almost Zydeco-feeling waltz, but hey, it’s still Texas country to me.  Wendt’s voice is warm and inviting, gliding with ease through the eleven masterfully written tracks.  The arrangements and instrumentation are expertly collected and Jerry Tubb adds the pop and polish needed to make this a truly commercially viable project.  The vocal work on Wendt’s release is stellar, using tasteful harmonies at every opportunity.  You’ll enjoy the packaging as well, as Wendt has outlined the pickers on each track, allowing you to introduce yourself to the great musicians of Texas.  The replicated disc is a treasure as well, resembling a 45 rpm record of the title track.  This is another fine project out of White Cat Studios, which is known for economically and effectively connecting music fans with the artists who make the music.  There are airplay-ready cuts on the disc that should garner Wendt the statewide support he needs to take his career to the desired next level.  Texas country radio will embrace many of Wendt’s tunes and fans will embrace the rest.  For a debut album, Wendt has hit a homerun.  He will forever be proud of his first release because it has established him as a true Texas recording artist and performer.  Welcome to the party, Aaron.

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