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Andrew Wade Band
©2010 Lucky Duck
LDR 0010-5
Review by Lucky Boyd


I’m digging the record label, for sure, and if Cody and the boys can become the new CCR, then Andrew and the gang can be the new AWB.  Sounds good to me.  The Andrew Wade Band take to the streets with their brand of Texas country with rock influences throughout.  From the opening cut, there’s no mistake that this band is a little bit outlaw and a whole lot of attitude.  Led by Andrew Swanberg, who pens the lot of twelve with two co-writes, this band has the energy and passion to be a major player on the Texas music band tour.  Swanberg’s writing is solid and “Called Out” and “Rock This Town” lead the list of radio hit possibilities.  Most of the album is a collection of tunes that the band obviously performs well in a live setting, and this band has the potential to shine as a live concert act.  Swanberg’s voice is more than utilitarian and at times his tone and delivery have a Jeff Healey quality.  The instrumentation is suited well to each track and the band has a great command of their dynamic, blending softness and crescendo to arrive at their most comfortable level; all out rockin’.  The dance between guitar and fiddle are most artistic on the clever lyric driven “Burning Blacktop.”  They pull out their Marshall Tucker Band influence on “Come Back For Me” and then they let you know they’re also Outlaws, Skynyrd, and Molly Hatchet fans.  Look for big things from this act.  This is a good debut offering, and with road testing and a year of touring under their belt, they will be back with an even more stunning sophomore effort.  Even if the band effort falters, Swanberg has a great future as a songwriter.  He swims in the shallow depths of formula writing just enough to keep you listening to his more artistic trips to the deep end.  The marriage of the two will perpetuate Swanberg’s long-term success.  Hard work, a solid band roster, and a lot of miles on the gear trailer will catapult this band to the top of the Texas music heap.  Take your time, guys.  Rock this town, then the next.  Leave ‘picking up the pieces’ to that other AWB.  Rock on!

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