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Antioch Road Band
©2010 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd



Young bands start out hoping they can create a sound of their own.  Few actually succeed.  Most of them end up becoming imitations of those who have gone before them.  Antioch Road Band has taken their influences and created a new sound thatís distinct and amazing.  You can hear the influences as you stack this talent next to their fellow MTM members like Wade Bowen and Highspeed Hayride.  The writing is solid and the performances are stellar under the production of Tim Phelan.  The underneath guitar work is classy and as much a foundation of the music as are the lead breaks.  Excellent use of instrumentation without breaking the bank on a 40 piece orchestra makes this disc a great listen from start to finish.  The songs are relatable and down to earth, while being clever and well structured.  No rants or epic ballads, just road-tested favorites with actual stories that make sense.  This studio album catches a great blend throughout, and if the band is as good live as they are in the studio, look out for the Antioch Road Band.  Jacob Jones is the next big voice in Texas music.  These guys need to take some pictures of Fairfield, Texas.  It wonít be long before Fairfield is a distant memory and Antioch Road turns into Ďtheí road.  Look for them in your town and donít miss the show.  Now for those of you who follow my predictions, hereís one.  If this band will take good advice, keep on the musical path, and follow their dreams with passion and commitment, I predict that within one year of this writing, they will be one of the top 30 acts in Texas.  Iím just trying to figure out how I can cash in.  Oh yeah, buy the CD!

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