Arthur Yoria

Arthur Yoria is one of those musicians that have the rare ability to churn out one gem of a tune after another. His uncanny ear for melody, hooks, and arrangement is paralleled only by his captivating voice which seems to carry the weight of a thousand break-ups, but somehow manages to soar effortlessly to a place where joy, goose bumps, and repeated listens are unavoidable. Built on beefy rhythms, unforgettable riffs and clever lyrics that can quickly go from touching to venomous, Arthur's songs are models of contemporary pop song craft.

After stints in the Houston based bands, The Jeepneys and Lavendula, Arthur decided to set out on his own and released a self-titled EP in 2001 to much critical acclaim as well as some interest from various major labels. With a solid backing band and a commitment to play live as often as possible, the end of the year brought with it a nomination in the Houston Press Music Awards "Best New Act" category and a management deal with Los Angeles based Kio Novina Management (Tenacious D, Actual Tigers).

 After releasing another critically acclaimed EP, Can You Still Look Adorable in 2002, Arthur and good friend, former Houston Rocket, Matt Maloney began talking about forming a record label for the purposes of releasing a full-length CD.   Two years, a few SXSW showcases, maybe the most nominations for a single artist in the Houston Press Music Awards (for the past three years) and several drunken conversations about the state of the music industry later, Matt and Arthur have finally made good on their plans.

I'll Be Here Awake is Arthur Yoria's debut full-length on 12 Records, Inc.   A stunning achievement, this album shows the Houston based, Chicago native at the apex of his talents. From beginning to end, this 37 and-a-half minute concept pop/rock masterpiece delivers one swift kick after another while leaving imprints, not soon erased of it's well-crafted melodies, undeniable hooks and raw emotions. One of those rare releases that not only wins over the reluctant music snob, but gets the reluctant music snob's grandmother humming; I'll Be Here Awake is that CD that becomes more reliable than your best friend.  I just wanted to make a very simple and to the point, rock record about this very nasty and egotistical fictional character that I vicariously live through from time to time, Arthur says, I consciously put a limit on the number of overdubs after laying down the basic tracks in order to avoid making the big and lush, singer-songwriter-type record that I was supposed to make and unlike a lot of past studio experiences, I ended up having the time of my life in there.  I just hope that the playful atmosphere as well as the contrast between that atmosphere and the sometimes not-so-pleasant subject matter comes through when people listen to this thing.

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