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Ashlee Rose
©2006 TEG Regords
Review by Lucky Boyd


It’s not too often that you get to hear the makings of a superstar from the beginning.  We’ve followed Ashlee Rose from her debut offering to “IRON ROSES,” an album that has catapulting potential.  Should these sound waves come in contact with the right ears, you will know Ashlee Rose as a national artist.  Ashlee’s inner self is finally unleashed as she blends pop and rock into her own brand of music.  The vocal work is even more stunning than her previous releases.  “Save My Soul” could easily be a number one hit by Christmas.  Rose’s artistic side is represented as well on cuts like “Let It Rain,” but mostly the album is an all out thrill ride.  This is one of those CDs that begs to be played in the car with the top down, breaking the speed limit and letting the hair fly.  No one should be caught on the Pacific Coast Highway without this disc.  So blaze the PCH and listen to how they do it in Texas!

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