B. Isbell
©2008 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd

The opening mostly-instrumental track sets the tone for this seven-cut release. Featuring B. Isbell’s guitar work, the cut has a dichotomous message in its acting as a vessel for reflection and the lyrics conveying an internal frustration. Isbell offers a collection of reflective tunes from experience, observation, and reprisal of traditional thinking. Isbell forges ahead unafraid, through a field of ponderings that give each listener an opportunity for self examination. Isbell approaches the softer side with “Mountain Wind.” This is a live project that redefines ‘dark’ as a plausible blend of the psychedelic and the acoustic. Look for the new twists on old classics and take a peek inside the evolution of acoustic rock and blues with a tolerant undertone and a true passion for altruism.