Beth Isbell
©2009 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd

Beth Isbell is an edgy, lyric-based performer who never fails to invoke emotion with her music. Each song this EP is there for a reason; because Beth had something to say. You’ll be entertained by her writing, her unique vocal style, and her innovative uses of technology to make this mostly bare-bones release shine. Isbell doesn’t have to do much more than grab a guitar and start singing to get her point across. Her politics are seldom hidden but she keeps it all within the realm of decent freedom of speech. While you may derive your own meaning, the lyric “I don’t want to be un-American, but I don’t want to be an American idol…” says so much about Isbell. The symbolism is thick and exists on so many levels. Isbell covers Radiohead’s “Creep” and offers five original compositions in this half-dozen EP. Beth will be heard. You might as well hear her now so you’ll have a chance at understanding. Isbell’s life has been hard and full of personal trials, crushing defeats, and remarkable triumphs. Each have found their way to this disc. This is alternative art at its best; shunning the mainstream and shouting the message. Buy the disc and get it in a few days, or download the album and listen tonight.