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Bob Livingston
©2010 New Wilderness Records
Review by Lucky Boyd



When it’s cold outside, anyone with a lick of sense will surround themselves with warm clothing to stave off the effects of the temperature.  When you’re the team quarterback, you must surround yourself with the biggest and best players who will protect you while you make the play.  Thusly, when you’re a phenomenally talented songwriter and it comes time to record your new album, it is imperative that you surround yourself with those musicians who can help you realize your musical vision.  Like Joe Namath all bundled up, Bob Livingston has assembled a list of the best pickers around to record GYPSY ALIBI.  I won’t give you the exhaustive list; you’ll have to buy the album to get that, but here are some names that will entice you to make the purchase right now:  Riley Osbourn, Glen Fukunaga, Chris Gage, Bill Kirchen, and Lloyd Maines.  Oh yeah, that’s just a few of the support staff that helped Livingston put this project together.  You’ve heard Bob Livingston for years as he has released some excellent discs.  You remember his involvement with Michael Martin Murphey, Gary P. Nunn, and other great performers.  If you don’t know Livingston already, I want you to really investigate the music.  Livingston is one of the most insightful songwriters around, and as a performer, he is truly one of the best that Texas has to offer.  Though he is a world-wide performer, Livingston shines when he is in Texas or singing about Texas.  You can hear it in his delivery.  If you’re already a Bob Livingston fan, this album is going to pleasantly exceed your expectations.  This is the album that Livingston has always wanted to make.  Livingston pens or co-writes ten of the baker’s dozen and there are no fillers here.  Each track is a story that Livingston needed to tell in his own way.  As a performer, Livingston channels his connections with Bob Wills, Tom Petty, and Buddy Holly on this release.  This reviewer’s favorite cut is the opener, “Ruby’s Shoes,” which is perhaps the quintessential Bob Livingston tune; light, poignant, and fun with a catchy melody and a perfect performance.  A highlight of the album is “Ghost of Vicksburg” which might not be a commercially viable radio hit, but is a beautiful Southern ballad worth the price of the entire disc.  The money-makers of the project are “Dance Like It’s A Holiday” which will have you dancing in no time and “Til Death Do Us Part” which will keep you two-stepping with your sweetheart all night long.  Livingston teamed up with the 2008 Texas Music Awards Producer of the Year, Lloyd Maines to produce the album.  This teamwork captured Livingston like never before to produce what is arguably Livingston’s best work to-date.  I have to say that I was a little worried when I saw “Oklahoma Girl” as a song title.  Here in Texas, we like our Texas girls.  However, after hearing the song, it was clear that the girl from Oklahoma was smart enough to surround herself with the right folks, too.  Her boyfriend was from Texas.  Way to go, Bob.  Way to go.

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