Bo Carter
©2009 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd

Influences abound on this debut offering from Bo Carter.  From alternative rock to country rock, from Americana to Red Dirt, you’ll enjoy “REALITY” from start to finish.  Carter pens the lot but for a lone co-write with Adam Lamar.  You’ll hear sounds that remind you of John Mayer and Tom Petty while being introduced to a new blend of orchestration that will leave you saying, “I just can’t put my finger on it, but it’s great!”  Bo Carter has spent years prior to this release as the guitar slinger for the award-winning band Highspeed Hayride and the album is produced by award-winner Bill High who received Producer of the Year honors in 2009 from the Texas Music Awards.  Carter’s voice is warm and inviting on the ballads, powerful and pitch perfect on the high stuff, and always comfortable and ideal for the track.  The crew is borrowed from Highspeed with Matt Groll and David Stockton appearing on the album.  High performs as he did on the last Highspeed album and is in infallible form.  “Bigger and Better” is the rockiest tune on the disc and “Sorry That I Lied” is the most artistic.  I would have sworn it was Jackson Browne.  Arguably the best tune is “Open Your Eyes” and if this song is not being used in a national commercial by next year, it will be the crime of the century.