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Public Event I have NO entertainment budget for this event
Private Event My budget is less than $500
    My budget is more than $500 but less than $1000  
    My budget is more than $1000 but less than $5000  
    My budget is more than $5000 but less than $20,000  
    My budget is more than $20,000    
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Charitable event or Benefit I need one act    
Annual Event I need 2-4 acts
Monthly Event I need 5-10 acts
Weekly Event I need 11-20 acts    
Other I need more than 20 acts    
Tell us about the venue:        
Smoking allowed There is a dance floor
Non-smoking event There is no dance floor    
Bar or Night Club The stage is on the ground floor
Festival Grounds The stage is on the second floor
Private Property Other
Indoor Full Liquor Bar
Outdoor Beer and Wine only
Indoor/Outdoor No Liquor
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Original music I want a solo act
Cover tunes I want a combo (no drums)    
A mix of both I want a full band    
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  Ballads   Comedy - Family    
  Traditional Country   Comedy - Adult    
  New Country   Interaction with audience    
  Blues   Celtic    
  Alternative Rock   German    
  Classic Rock   South American    
  Nostalgic Rock - 50's, 60's   Mariachi    
  Hard Rock   Tejano    
  Metal   Texas Swing    
  Rap   Big Band    
  Rockabilly   Soul / Rhythm and Blues    
  Disco   Folk    
The venue will provide:  (check all that apply)    
20 Amp electrical service Lodging    
40 Amp electrical service Air fare    
100 Amp electrical service Security    
Stage lighting Bottled Water    
Public Address system Teri-cloth towels    
Monitor system Secure storage area    
Private dressing rooms Sound engineer    
Green room Secure parking    
Bar tab        
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