Boris & The Salt Licks

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Cactusman Versus The Blue Demon
(2006) CD

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Song Clips

Volcanic Mind Listen
Gloriously Tangled Listen
Green Wish Listen
Chicken Man Listen
Deathgrip Listen
Seeds & Candy Listen
Pilgrim Listen
Branded Listen
Torn Faith Listen
Don't Get Weird Listen
Caves Of Burgundy Listen
Hold That Thought Listen
Charles Mingus Bird Listen
  When We Were Big
(2003) CD

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Song Clips

Hitch A Ride Listen
Beautiful Prison Listen
Idiot Lights Listen
Clumsy Kiss Listen
Slow Diablo Listen
Sad Mountain Listen
Santa Rosa Plums Listen
Gift Horse Listen
Fine Suede Listen
Mole In The Ground Listen
Pumpkin Farmer Of Half Moon Bay Listen
Hurt Listen
Meet Me Listen
Diablo Waltz Listen

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