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Brandon Parr
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


One of two albums released in 2011 by Brandon Parr, the other being an instrumental album, MY FATAL KNOWLEDGE is an intimate experience with Parr, his songwriting, and his passion for the music.  Penning most of the lot, Parr has donned all the instrumentation and done so in only the fashion necessary to perfectly frame his lyrical compositions.  It seems every melody is adeptly suited to its lyric, with nothing forced; an accomplishment not every musician can boast.  Parr is a bit of an intellectualís performer, as not every song is going to be wildly popular with the masses, but once you embrace each track, they tend to speak to you from his perspective, creating an understanding between performer and listener.  Musically, Parr is sound and creative, eliminating standard percussion from the equation on this disc, but you donít miss it.  The acoustic ballads are outstanding and Parr delivers them well.  If thereís a highlight that you must tune in to on this project, itís Brandonís lyrical style.  He has a unique way of saying things that will let you lose yourself for a moment as your mindís eye begins to paint.  There are a couple of tunes on this album that you simply will not relate to.  Therein lies the beauty of music.  It allows you to experience a totally unfamiliar set of circumstances, letting you reach out and touch them emotionally, and expand your soul in the process.  Brandon Parr does an excellent job of this, and thus MY FATAL KNOWLEDGE will give you an opportunity to explore yourself, life, and existence in a melodically entrancing way.  Enjoy!

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