Brian Kalinec

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The Fence
(2012) CD

Song Clips
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The Fence Listen
Nowhere At All Listen
Lone Star Lonely Listen
Uncle Joe Listen
Carla Moore Listen
Blessings Of This Day Listen
Stranger In This Line Listen
Paint Listen
Creosote Listen
Demons Falling Down Listen
River Of Doubt Listen
A Song I Heard Listen
Last Man Standing
(2007) CD

Song Clips
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I Live In This House Listen
I Don't Know Listen
Moving Target Listen
The Book I Can't Put Down Listen
Last Man Standing Listen
Two Days' Time Listen
Light Of You Listen
Good Life Listen
My Apology Listen
Cruel & Usual Punishment Listen
Pass This Way Listen

Brian also appears on Shoulder To The Stone - a compilation
(2010) CD

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Brian also appears on
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(2008) CD
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my Town:    Houston, Texas
my Genre:     Folk     Americana      
my Website:     Click here
my Fans will also like:        Chris Collins      Danny Everitt      Ken Gaines      Jeff Talmadge   


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