Buck "The Big Man" Helton

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  Swings Western

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Song Clips from
Swings Western

Cowpoke Listen
Cattle Call (live) Listen
I've Got Spurs (that Jingle, Jangle, Jingle) Listen
Fraulein Listen
My Rifle, My Pony, And Me Listen
Masters Call Listen
There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere Listen
Devil Woman Listen
Cattle Call Listen
I'm Singing For James Today  Listen
Red Wing Listen
San Antonio Rose Listen
Right Or Wrong Listen
Squaws Along The Yukon Listen
Four In The Morning Listen
  Wild Places - Christian Cowboy Poetry & Stories

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Story Clips from
Wild Places

Cookie's Black Iron Skillet Listen
Wild Horses Listen
Ridin' On The Silver Screen Listen
An Old Cowboy's Memories Listen
The Trail To Yesterday Listen
Wild Places Listen
You Can Always Tell A Cowboy Listen
A Cowboy's Psalm Listen
Wake-Up Call Listen
Yodeling 101 Listen
Free Verse Listen
Lullabye & Goodnight Listen
Whoa! - Hallelujah Listen
The Bull Throws A Salesman Listen
Cowboy In The Graveyard Listen
Drunk Finds The Lord Listen
The Cowboy In Church Listen
The Electric Deacon Board Listen
Walkin' On The Water! Listen
  Dos Guitarres en Español
(Two Guitars in Spanish)

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Song Clips from
Dos Guitarres en Español

Malaguena Listen
Solamente una Uez Listen
Dia de Feliz Listen
Conseon ti no Nombre Listen
Sorrento Listen
Cielito Lindo Listen
Pink Flamenco Listen
Vaya con Dios Listen
Soleares Listen
Melodia Persistente Listen
Cattle On A Thousand Hills

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Song Clips from
Cattle On A Thousand Hills

Approaching Hoofbeats Listen
Cowboy's Prayer Listen
Cot Unused In The Bunkhouse Listen
King Of King's Ranch Listen
Rose Of Sharon Listen
Riding Down The Canyon Listen
Ten Gallon Halo Listen
Cattle On A Thousand Hills Listen
Cowboy's Dream Listen
Little Cowboy Church Listen
Songs Of The Trail

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Song Clips from
Songs Of The Trail

Annie Laurie Listen
Utah Carol Listen
Whoopi Ti Yi Yo Listen
When You And I Were Young Maggie Listen
Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie Listen
Round Up In The Spring Listen
Red River Valley Listen
Streets Of Laredo Listen
Yellow Rose Of Texas Listen
Cowboy's Dream Listen
Little Joe The Wrangler Listen
Home On The Range Listen

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