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Cameran Nelson
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Cameran Nelson has released an EP.  Let’s analyze that for a minute.  First, make sure you search for him correctly by knowing how to spell Cameran.  It’s not the common spelling.  Next, it might not be earth-shattering news that a singer from Texas has released a CD with five songs on it.  It happens all the time, right?  Sure it does, but it doesn’t happen like this very often.  Here is what you are about to experience.  First, the opening cut is the title cut and it’s flawless.  The track is expertly written, perfectly performed, and you know from the beginning that Cameran Nelson is a big time country singer.  Ah, but wait, then comes the second track.  “I Mean It” has all the elements of a hit song, but then so did the first track.  Once you hear “Thrown” you will be a fan.  You come to realize that a great sadness is about to come over you.  Yes, you’ve now heard three of the five songs.  Why couldn’t he release a CD with at least thirty or forty songs?  This guy is fantastic!  Well, settle back in and listen to “That’s Everything.”  It’s the only song that wasn’t co-written by Nelson, but it is every bit a hit song.  The EP wraps up with a song that is going to be a mainstay for Nelson for many years to come.  This is the song that is likely to put him on top for good.  “The Party’s Over” is a rebuttal to REK’s famous tune about the road going on forever, and it caps off a short list of songs that will make you want to seek out Cameran Nelson and be his friend so you can say you knew him ‘way back when.’  If you’ve read my reviews about the 100 things it takes to be a superstar, you understand that it is a serious matter for me to tell you Cameran Nelson is a solid ninety-six.  That means only four things stand in his way.  As you know, one of those is luck.  Let’s hope he gets that lucky break soon.  The world is ready for another superstar from Texas, and here he is.

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