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Casey Don Yeager
©2010 Tunas Creek
Review by Lucky Boyd


Somewhere on my list of the 100 things that must fall into place for an artist to be successful is the topic of releasing a really good debut album.  Casey Don Yeager has accomplished that feat with STRONG & STURDY.  It’s a great collection of interpretations, not only of Yeager’s tunes, but a few covers as well.  Produced by Texas Music Awards Nominee, Chris Gage, the album is crisp and well-orchestrated.  The dozen cuts move throughout Yeager’s talent with country tunes and folk ballads presented with passion and emotion often missing from newly recorded artists.  The sound of the album is stunning, no doubt a tribute to Gage’s production, MTM member Jeff Tveraas’ mastering talents, and the outstanding cast assembled by Yeager for this project.  Offering talents are MTM members Craig Calvert, Tveraas, Texas Music Awards 2008 Producer of the Year Lloyd Maines, and Gage himself along with his long-time partner Christine Albert. The pair also wrote for the album, as did MTM member Tim Henderson, and the inimitable Jerry Jeff Walker.  Yeager is mostly a singer/songwriter, performing solo and duo around the small venue scene.  This album, recorded with several members of Jerry Jeff Walker’s band, is a bit of a departure for Yeager, instrumentally, but it captures the essence of his writings and his passion for performing.  No, his live performances won’t sound just like the record, but neither does anyone else’s (except for perhaps Eagles performances), and that’s okay.  There are many artists who actually sound better live than recorded.  While this may not be the case with Yeager, he will sound different, and you will have little trouble falling in love with both sounds.  The album, which has been a long time coming for Yeager, is more of a gift to his fans who have been clamoring for a release for more than a decade.  If you were one of those people who incessantly hounded him to make this record, now is your opportunity to buy a few copies and give them as gifts.  I mean, hey, he did this for you.  I like a couple of the tracks as potential single releases.  If Yeager can assemble some pickers and offer tour support for the album, he can easily make a name for himself in Texas music.  Maybe Jerry Jeff can take a vacation and let the boys travel with Casey Don.  I’d buy a ticket.  To fully understand this next part, you must buy the album.  “Ich mag wirklich dieses album”  Good work CDY!

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