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Chuck Allen Floyd
©2010 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Before writing this, I decided to look at how many CD reviews I had written in the past ten years.  This happens to be review number 512.  The reason for my research was that I had not heard an album like this one in a long time.  GOOD ON THE INSIDE is the perfect name for this album, because everything on the inside is good.  Outside, the album is rather non-descript, donning a very plain cover and little more on the back than a track list.  That’s okay, because it does give you just a glimpse of what is inside; simplistic genius.  I’m a little sad for one songwriter I know because he will be bumped off my top ten favorite songwriter’s list as I make room for Chuck Allen Floyd.  Floyd has a storied history as a songwriter, and you can read all about that on his website.  You’ll see lots of names you know as you read the list of those who have recorded Floyd’s songs.  Of all on the list, I am most excited about one artist, James Lann, and one song, “The Talent Requires,” which is (as of this writing) nominated for Record of the Year at the 2011 Texas Music Awards.  Floyd wrote several cuts for Lann’s HONKY TONK KUNG FU album which is also nominated for Album of the Year.  So, in the songwriting department, Floyd is tops.  This will be evident as you listen to each track on GOOD ON THE INSIDE and experience the imagery of each lyric.  Some are dark, some are funny, and some are just down right motivational, but each cut of the baker’s dozen release is a treasure.  Floyd has included some of his personally gratifying songs which endear the listener to his experiences, but more than half of the tracks are certainly worthy of a radio push, starting with the opening title track.  Bart Weilburg turns in a stellar performance on guitar and is a highlight of the album.  It’s easy to tell that Floyd is wildly appreciative of what Weilburg brings to this production.  Floyd produces with Matt Nolan and they manage to install just enough Nashville ‘slick’ to appeal to radio without over-producing to the point of turning off true Texas music fans.  While Floyd is not a native Texan, and even though he hangs his hat in Oklahoma, he has learned that the best fans in the world are in Texas and he tours extensively within the state, introducing fans to his outstanding songwriting and his magnificent performances.  This album is masterfully assembled, perfectly performed, and expertly arranged.  It is certainly one of the best sophomore projects I’ve heard from any of the artists I’ve worked with over the past ten years.  You will hear a lot from Chuck Allen Floyd.  If you remember my ‘one hundred points’ theory, you should know that Floyd is firing in the high nineties and thus, superstardom could be just around the corner, and that, among other things, makes me feel… well….good on the inside.

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