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Cori Lynn
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Cori Lynn will do well with country music fans, and she will most likely do quite well on the country music charts.  But Lynn has done something extremely admirable, and Iím not sure it was her intention from the beginning.  This release is a six-cut EP that will have todayís country music fans reeling without a key element found in most of Nashvilleís current releases.  At the same time, this album will be a favorite of Texas music fans for the same reason.  Listen all the way through, and hear the outstanding vocals, the exemplary session players, the adept songwriting, and the mesmerizing production, and you will hear a difference.  Whatís missing?  Iíll tell you.  Whatís missing is the incessant use of unnecessary traditional country music instruments such as dobro, mandolin, fiddle, and steel guitar.  Theyíre not on this album.  The reason is, hopefully, that Cori Lynn wants you to know that she can sing rock and folk songs with her country influences without trying to mask them over and pass them off as over-produced country tracks.  I was pleased listening to lyrics that could have been current country, but were wrapped in a beautiful rock format that catered to my country side and my rock side.  I do despise hearing country instrumentation in a rock song.  Cori Lynnís formula might just be the next big innovative movement in Texas music, making pop and rock music without putting on a country slip cover just to make friends with Top 40 country radio.  Cori Lynn asks you instead to love her songs on the basis of their impact and feel; she asks you to feel the emotion of the song for what it is rather than what it has been dressed up to look like.  On the softer songs, the ones that have a folk flair, Lynnís voice maintains its down home feel and is true, crisp, and inviting.  The downside to the release is that it is missing a half dozen cuts that should be here.  Fans are going to start clamoring very soon for the next release.  So am I.  Cori Lynn has all the qualities required to be a superstar in Texas music.  And whether she meant to or not, she started things off with a pace-setting bang.  Her next producer might convince her to take the Nashville formula route in order to fast track her career to country star status, a feat which might take a little longer on the current path.  But, letís hope not.  She has what it takes to first take Texas by storm, then the world. 

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