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Cosmic Dust Devils
©2006 Little Train Records
Review by Lucky Boyd


The golden children of the 2006 Texas Music Awards are back with another release for the Stormchasers. Kevin Higgins and Barbara Malteze, the core of the five-piece Dust Devils, have blown through town with another great release, and this one has some interesting features. A few of the songs are resurrected from projects gone by and the disc is full of tracks that required a minimum of retakes in the studio. Live passion is captured with studio clarity and perfection throughout the disc. The title track is so wonderfully arranged and performed it almost sets the bar too high for the rest of the album as the opening cut. But then comes track 2. Oh well, so much for setting the bar too high. Malteze is mesmerizing, inseparable from the music in the same fashion that melted butter is inseparable from popcorn. “Turn Up The Music” is worth the price of the whole disc, but somehow it just wouldn’t be complete without the unforgettable “Robert Rolled His Pickup Truck (Again).” Kevin Higgins is one of the most talented songwriters around. His writing is best described as ‘entertaining’ and isn’t that why we buy music in the first place?

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