Dana Cooper

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The Conjurer
(2010) CD
Song Clips from
"The Conjurer"
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Enough Listen
Leave A Little Mark Listen
Orphan Army Listen
Big Foot Down Listen
Leo & Lucille Listen
Jesse James Listen
All The Way Down Listen
I'm Gonna Give It Away Listen
Straight Into The Guns Listen
Laugh Listen
Mile Wide Smile Listen
Cold Wind & Bitter Fiddles Listen
Good Place To Begin Listen
Made Of Mud
(2006) CD
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Song Clips from
"Made Of Mud"
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Step Into The Light Listen
Bird On The Wing Listen
Sit This One Out Listen
Nothing To Fear Listen
Pretty Boy Floyd Listen
Comic Tragedy Listen
Right Out Loud Listen
Made Of Mud Listen
Death Is A Door Listen
Empty Glass Listen
World Of Hurt Listen
Miracle Mile
Song List

Song Clips from
"Miracle Mile"
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Standing In My Own Way Listen
Soul Hesitation Listen
In My Living Room Listen
Miracle Mile Listen
Out Of My Misery Listen
Walkin' Waste Of Time Listen
My Life In A Box Listen
Somethin's Gotta Give Listen
I Had That Comin' Listen
Too Deep A Sorrow Listen
Sleep Of The Innocent Listen
Harry Truman Built A Road
Song List
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Song Clips from
"Harry Truman"

 Bony Man Listen
Harry Truman Built A Road Listen
Rise Up Lazarus Listen
Full Blown Rose Listen
You Will Be All Right Listen
My Brave Love Listen
I Am Listen
Half A Heart Listen
Four Laps Around The World Listen
Holy Man Listen
The Moon Ain't Been Hung Yet Listen
Rainy Day Dog Listen
Future In My Fist Listen
with Shake Russell
Love's Bright Campaign
Song List
(no longer available
as a CD)
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Song Clips from
"Love's Bright Campaign"

At Love's Bright Campaign Listen
I'm A Lucky Guy Listen
I'm Just Smiling Like Austin Does Listen
Bony Man Listen
Make Friends With The Indians Listen
Henny Penny Listen
She's Sure Enough San Antone Listen
Gold To Me Listen
Rocked In A Country Cradle Listen
Texas My Friend Listen
Lean My Way Listen
Shake Russell and Dana Cooper  
Island Night - Live at Port Aransas
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Song Clips from
"Island Night"
Dare Of An Angel Listen
Old Fashioned Man Listen
Loving The Life Into Me Listen
World Of Hurt Listen
Turning Of The Wheel Listen
I Am Listen
You've Got A Lover Listen
Great Day In The Mornin' Listen
Lean On Your Mind Listen
Mockingbird Listen
Ruby Listen
Sometimes Pretending  Listen
Acadian Angel Listen
Rocked In A Country Cradle Listen
Deep In The West Listen
Goin' Down Judah Listen
Fade Away Listen
Stone By Stone  
Song List
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Complicated Stuff
Song List
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The Thrill Of Love
(with Shake Russell and Jack Saunders) Cassette only
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12 inch Vinyl (that's a RECORD, ya'll!)

Nuclear Family
(not available on CD)

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12 inch vinyl 
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Comin' Home LP
(not available on CD)
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Live At The Bugle Boy - Vol. 1 CD
(2006) CD
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Stone By Stone
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my Hometown:  Nashville, Tennessee
my Genre:  Pop    Folk    Rock
my Website:  Click here
my Previous Reviews:  2 Reviews    Read Em!  
my Fans will also like:  Shake Russell    Robert Frith    John Vandiver    Lucky Boyd    Jeffrye Tveraas
my MTM Involvement:    Donated performance at Jinelle Boyd benefit, 2006 Texas Music Awards nominee for Singer/Songwriter of the Year, and Vocal Duo of the Year (with Shake Russell)

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