C. Daniel Boling

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Sleeping Dogs
CD (2013)

Song Clips
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Moderation Listen
Unraveled Listen
As Young As Your Kiss Listen
Sleeping Dogs Listen
Doesn't Get Better Than This Listen
Never Speak To Me Again Listen
Hooked Listen
Nobody's Business Listen
Dark Secrets Listen
Pontificating Paradox Listen
Someday Listen
It's His Voice She Hears Listen
Summer Sweetcorn Listen

He Dreams
CD (2009)

Song Clips
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Catfish Heads Listen
He Dreams Listen
Roll Down The Window Listen
I Took The King's Coin Listen
Jesse Listen
An Awful Lot Like Me Listen
Earth Wind Rain & Fire Listen
Katie's Garden Listen
Tell Me You Love Me So Listen
A Million Little Things Listen
Till I'm Finished Being Scared Listen
Here Listen
Every Journey Listen

The Old International
CD (2002)

Song Clips
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From Your Side Listen
I Used To Make You Laugh Listen
Shay Listen
Mama's Words Listen
Over Yonder Listen
Officer Down Listen
I Dreamed I Was Dead Listen
I Care Listen
It Can Be This Way Always Listen
What Might Be In It Listen
Someday You'll Leave Me Listen
Flight 93 Listen
The Old International Listen

Welcome Home
CD (2000)

Song Clips
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Welcome Home Listen
Sixteen-penny Candy Listen
When I Was Ten Listen
Who I Am Listen
Clear Day Listen
Green Street & Canal Listen
Ain't It Funny? Listen
Mid-week Blues Listen
It'll Be Alright Listen
Gone Away Listen
Mailbox Blues Listen
Darwin's Pride And Joy Listen
Ray Kroc Elementary Listen
The Bigtop Listen
The "a's" And The "e's" (Perfectly Stable) Listen
You Saved Me Listen
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More about C. Daniel Boling...

my Hometown:  Albuquerque, NM
my Genre:    Folk
my Website:    Click here
my Fans will also like:    Jon Bunn    Russell Clepper    Marvin Lane Werth

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