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Danny Everitt
©2007 Instant Records
Review by Lucky Boyd

Listening to this album can cause you to get ‘locked in a daydream’ as Danny Everitt navigates flawlessly through a baker’s dozen project full of great writing and masterful arrangements. Everitt’s diversity is the perfect kind, one of dynamic rhythms that don’t fall far from the core genre that defines the artist. Lyric-based with lines that matter, this album exudes comfort in every cut. Much like choosing the perfect after-dinner ice cream flavor for any meal, I often define albums by what activity can be undertaken while the disc is spinning. I picture Sunday afternoon with the football game on and the TV sound all the way down, Danny Everitt on the stereo. There’s something almost motivating about the music as well. I think anyone could be productive with this album playing in the background. Before long, you find yourself singing along with the tunes, especially “Maybe Fall In Love Again,” arguably one of the best cuts of the disc. The arrangements are as good as you could ask for, perfectly framing Everitt’s easy voice. If there’s a musical superstar of the album, it’s Billy Watts and his extremely tasteful guitar licks. Everitt pens or co-writes every cut and his veteran status as a Texas musician and songwriter shines through in the writing. About the third time through the disc, I think I fell in love with “Daydream” and I’ll go ahead and say this one cut, especially with the fine dobro work of Mark Shark. is worth the price of the whole album. Give a listen and be the first on your block to get this disc.


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