David Brake
& That Damn Band

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Spin Around
(2006) CD

Song Clips
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Spin Around Listen
Greyhound Bus Listen
Kayla Blue Listen
She Owns My Bones Listen
Ugly People Listen
I Got Friends Listen
Ignorant Hicks Listen
Kingdom Of One Listen
Bottle Of Beer Listen
Jennifer's Leavin' Listen
Bar Tab Blues Listen
Beer Gut Listen
Lean, Mean
Texas Machine
(2002) CD

Song Clips

Even Five To Closing Time 
(What Do I Do Now)
Lean Mean Texas Machine Listen
Born In A Bad Mood Listen
Swindler Listen
Cowpunks, Angels, and Architects Listen
101 Tattoos Listen
All Mine Listen
El Paso Cafe Listen
Think Of Me Listen
The Ballad Of Tom Delancy 
(Love Kicked My Ass)
Sounds Of The Sacred Listen

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my Town:  Houston, Texas
my Genre:  Country    Alt-Country    Rock
my Website:  Click here
my Fans will also like:    Rivertrain     Beryl Grady    Driftin' South

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