Dick Gimble
©2009 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd
Co-founder, MyTexasMusic.com

I sat down to write.  I got my notepad, the CD, an open word processing document on my computer, and my headphones.  I pulled the CD up on my computer and aligned the songs in my player in the order they appear on the CD.  I read the liner notes.  I scanned the CD for information about players, recording, etc.  Now, Iíve known Dick Gimble for the better part of ten years and Iím a big fan of his father Johnny.  I was a huge fan of A CASE OF THE GIMBLES, the album featuring Johnny, Dick, and Emily Gimble.  I prepared myself to listen to an hour of excellent Texas Swing and bluegrass-influenced tunes with traditional country overtones.  Then I pressed PLAY.  For a second I thought I had pulled up the wrong disc.  Holy cow!  The opening cut is a jazz-driven blues tune that features a soulful Dick Gimble on guitar laying down tracks that would make T-Bone Walker proud.  Iím guessing ďRoadrunnerĒ is a tad autobiographical as it blends the obvious with phrases of life on the musical road.  The second cut is a rockabilly tune that made me understand the albumís title.  Gimble pens or co-writes eleven of the dynamic fifteen tracks on the disc.  Each of Gimbleís original tunes is another segment on the road trip that is his musical career.  Youíve heard Gimble on lots of records over the years, but youíll have to hear this album to understand his true love of all kinds of music.  Track three digs deep into the jazz/swing treasure chest, as do many of the tracks.  As I wind my way through the disc, Iím truly amazed at the diversity and style of my long-time friend who taught me that I had simply not spent enough time sitting around picking with him.  Otherwise, I would have known all along that this was his foundation.  We heard a tad of it on the CASE OF THE GIMBLES project, but here it is in all its splendor.  Dick Gimble is a Texas musical force to be reckoned with.  Perhaps he had to spend quite a large part of his career in the shadow of his extremely talented and popular father, and perhaps the opportunity to be more than just a roadrunner had not yet presented itself.  This album has a samba, a waltz, and a rock gospel song.  I think Iím going to give you just one chance to buy this CD, then I might hit the road myself with a roadmap and a CD player and find each of you who have not purchased the album and tell you, ďshame, shame.Ē  This reviewer is the latest Dick Gimble fan to be wonderfully entertained and pleasantly surprised.  I feel a sense of embarrassment for assuming only the Texas swing gene had been passed down.  This disc will spend a lot of time in my player.  Excellent project, Dick; one of my favorites thus far this year.  Of course, there are appearances by Johnny and Emily Gimble, and yes, youíll hear some Texas swing, but itís well placed between artistic and well-performed gems that will keep you awaiting the next release from this 45-year veteran of the Texas music scene.