Doug Moreland was born and raised in Fort Davis, Texas, in the heart of the Davis Mountains.  Not much to do there but fiddle and drink, and since he wasn’t old enough to drink, he did a whole lot of fiddling, or as he would say “fiddlin’”.  After high school, his fiddling led to the flatlands of Levelland, TX.  This is where Doug would attend South Plains College and pursue a degree in commercial music.  After South Plains he moved to Ruidoso, NM after being picked up to play and sing in a nightly dinner theater show.  The funny thing is that he really didn’t do a whole lot of singing.  Doug got the gig for his ability to be a funnyman, little did he know what the future had in store.  The winters found Doug in Phoenix, AZ riding horses and playing in another dinner theater.  The man of many talents picked up another one while in Arizona.  During his spare time, he became accomplished with many rope tricks.  In December 1995, Doug met Jalapeńo, a border collie puppy (affectionately called Holly by family, friends, and fans).  He then would amaze everyone once again by training Holly to play the fiddle and sing.  Jalapeńo would turn out to be his “ace in the hole,” not to mention a fine companion.  Nashville was calling, but it must have been a wrong number because he sure didn’t stay very long.  Once arriving in Nashville, he found some old cohorts from South Plains College and formed The Texas Roadhouse Band.  After touring all over the U.S. and Canada and eventually running out of money, he ran into a friend who was a chainsaw artist.  When he saw how much money could be made, the “jack-of-all-trades” took one look at it and decided he could do it.  Not just do it, but do it better than anyone else.  The chainsaw carving took Doug to East Tennessee with the goal of carving for a year to make enough money to record two albums and move back to Austin.  Once back in, he planned to plant his butt right in the middle of the Texas Music Revolution.  So he did.  The millennium found him back in Austin playing nearly every corner of the state and meeting every kingpin in Texas Music.  By the end of 2000, Doug had sold enough albums to record his third album.  Number Tres was recorded live in College Station, TX, in front of a sold out crowd.  In 2002 he recorded yet another album, #FORE, live in Steamboat, CO.  In just three short years Doug recorded four albums, performed hundreds of shows including an appearance at Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic, and been a guest on Animal Planet, Ripley's Believe It or Not, The Bob and Tom Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  In his spare time, Doug has managed to build a Western Style store in South Austin to house his chainsaw carvings and the furniture he crafts.  That's where he resides these days, so if you're ever around South Austin stop in and see his shop, Cattlelacs, there in downtown Manchaca.  Sit down, drink a beer and shoot the $#!T.  You'll leave believing that Doug Moreland is anything but typical.