Dugg Collins

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  Looking Back - 1969
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Song Clips

There's No Easy Way To Die Listen
Talk About Me Listen
Meanest Jukebox In Town Listen
I Don't Know When That Will Be Listen
That Makes Two Of Us Listen
I Think I'll Wait A Little Listen
Talk About Me Listen
The Pint Of No Return Listen

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my Town:  Memphis, Texas my Website:  Click here
my Genre:           Country my Reviews:  1 Review     Read It!     Add a review!
my Fans will also like:            David Cline     Joe Bray      Lost John Casner      Jim Dowden
my Credits:  1979 CMA's Disc Jockey of the Year - Nashville
                         1996 The Country Music Disc Jockey "Hall of Fame" - Nashville
                         1996 The Texas Panhandle Broadcaster's "Hall of Fame" - Amarillo
                         1999 The Texas Country Music Disc Jockey "Hall of Fame" - Carthage
                         2001 America's Old Time Country Music "Hall of Fame" - Avoca, Iowa
                         2002 The Pioneers of Western Swing "Hall of Fame" - Seattle
                         2002 "Song of the Year" from the Academy of Western Artists
                         2004 Kansas Western Swing Society "Hall of Fame" - Topeka
                         ....and the list goes on!

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