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Self-titled CD
©2010 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd

Southern rock and Texas roots alternative country influences are evident in DunVille’s debut release featuring D.J. Troville and Rick Dunn, the band’s founders.  Dun and Troville are the primary songwriters but there are co-writes with band mate Robert Miller.  The arrangements on this collection of tunes is rock-laden, but each could as easily be an acoustic offering.  This is an attribute that served well some of the great bands of the 70’s such as REO Speedwagon.  The trend has become more popular as bands reach out to wider audiences, toning down to acoustic shows and saving the all out for the bigger venues.  No doubt this band can wrangle a show of any size and tailor it to its audience.  This offering is a true fan’s album with an emphasis on AOR (album oriented rock) rather than an endless stream of radio cuts.  It will take editing to get most of the tracks to radio length, but listeners are treated to the full effect of some really great tracks that will lose some luster when trimmed.  Troville’s lead vocals are star quality and the guitar work is superb.  The lyrically sound “Broken Ground” showcases the band in its truest and purest form, allowing each instrument to shine.  “Unexpected Love” is a radio-ready track that leans toward the band’s country side with a train beat that would fill even the most traditional dance floor.  The band reprises DAC’s “The Ride” (Gentry, Detterline) with an eerie rock version even more haunting than the original.  This is the type of reprisal that will get the attention of movie producers looking for stock music.  The band strays from their norm on “For You” with an acoustic offering and it serves to display the diversity on this Rick Dunn composition.  The most commercially viable track may be “Tonight” which has an addicting beat.  “Ballad Of Billy” is an all-out good time rocker that is long overdue from a Texas band.  A non-themed project, but the band stays on genre throughout most of the offering.  Tour support will determine the success of this album.  Fans need to hear this stuff live.  My guess is that it will be even more amazing than the recording.  Even though I’m issuing an f-bomb and drug reference warning for track one, the album doesn’t warrant a parental warning in my opinion.  This was a refreshing album to hear.  Nothing about this disc fits the mold of what’s being released these days, which should make it stand head and shoulders above the rest.  I like it when two band members take their names and put them together to make a band name.  It usually means one of them is going to be monumentally famous.  Research the band Argent for an example.  Let’s hope the fame finds the band intact.  I’ll make the first prediction… it will.

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