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Eric Myers
©2010 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


So much of life is a matter of timing.  Why it took so long for us to bring this album to you is just one of those timing mysteries.  But it’s finally here, and the album is certainly worth the wait.  Eric Myers’ debut release has all the elements of a hit-making CD.  Excellent writing, flawless performances, and a great flow to the album make it a country music lover’s dream.  Myers has a Texas country voice that is comfortable, inviting, and perfectly matched to the music he’s written.  Penning eight of ten, co-writing one, and covering one, Myers has assembled a collection of songs that show off his country roots while revealing touches of additional influences.  A production lead by Stormy Cooper is supposed to be a high quality thing, and this release exceeds that expectation.  Vocal work, harmonies, phrasing, instrumentation, and performances that garner descriptions such as masterful and stellar are the norm on every track.  There are some highlights of the album, such as Matt Baker’s guitar rant on “Southern Thunder” and Gene Elders’ fiddle performance on “Milk Cow Blues.” Myers has added another great choice for brides and grooms everywhere with “What Forever Means.”  The album packaging includes all the great lyrics and gives credit to the list of outstanding pickers on the disc.  Perhaps the most innovative piece of writing comes on “Baptized On Bayou Meto” as Myers leaves the middle of the country genre for a little swamp tour that will leave your toes tapping.  From Texas Swing to two-stepping country, from country blues to poignant ballads, Eric Myers will keep you engaged throughout the album.  Without a doubt, this is one of the best debut albums out there.  I can’t wait for the sophomore project.

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