Freddy Powers
Academy of Texas Music's
Lifetime Achievement Award

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  Rogers & Hammerhead aka Bill McDavid & Freddy Powers
(2005) CD

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Song Clips from
Rogers & Hammerhead

The Truth About You Listen
The Legend Of Django Listen
The Romantic Waltz Listen
Me And The Drummer Listen
If I Needed You Listen
Someone Should Have Told Him Listen
No Dancing Listen
Texas All The Way Listen
Angel Of My Dreams Listen
Still Missing You Listen
Hard Time Letting Go Listen
Tom Sawyer And Huckleberry Finn Listen
  My Great Escape
(2004) CD

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Song Clips from
My Great Escape

My Great Escape Listen
Like A Movie Star Listen
Old Country Singer Listen
On The Road To My Heart (Catherine's Song) Listen
Angel Of My Dreams Listen
Having A Good Time (With You) Listen
Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn Listen
Daytime Night Blues Listen
Wild Party Blues Listen
Two Timing Woman Listen
Romantic Waltz Listen
All I Want To Do Is Sing My Song Listen
  Silver Eagle
(2000) CD

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Song Clips from
Silver Eagle

Silver Eagle Listen
Beautiful Time Listen
If I Lay Down The Bottle Listen
You'll Never Know Listen
Shopping For Dresses Listen
I Love Women Listen
This Song Is For You Listen
You've Got Your Pride Listen
Women Listen
Star Spangled Country Song Listen
Big Butter And Egg Man Listen
  The Hottest Thing 
In Town
(1994) CD

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Song Clips from
The Hottest Thing In Town

Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones Listen
I Can't Give You Anything But Love Listen
Sweet Georgia Brown Listen
Out Of Nowhere Listen
I'se Muggin' Listen
A Kiss To Build A Dream On Listen
Limehouse Blues Listen
Sheik Of Araby Listen
On The Road To My Heart (Catherine's Song) Listen
Rosetta Listen
Back In Your Own Backyard Listen
Trashy Woman Listen
Caravan Listen
The Hottest Thing In Town Listen
  The Country Jazz Singer
(1985) CD

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Song Clips from
The Country Jazz Singer

Natural High Listen
Texas And Oklahoma Listen
I Always Get Lucky Listen
I Don't Care Anymore Listen
Little Hotel Room Listen
My San Antonio Rose Listen
You Don't Love Me Anymore Listen
I'm Free At Last Listen
A Friend In California Listen
Ridin' High Listen
This Time I Really Do Listen
  Freddy also appears on the compilation CD, 
"A Texas Hill Country Christmas" to benefit Candlelight Ranch!
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