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Girl Friday
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


The follow up to the 2009 debut EP by Houston-based Girl Friday is another four-cut treasure that features Lisa Serice’s vast talent.  As a songwriter, Serice is in tune with what fans like to hear and her lyrics are a fresh release from traditional pop-folk offerings.  As I listen to each of these tracks, I can’t help but hear them all as acoustic tunes, as well as orchestrated studio pop songs, and also framed in a grungy rock sauce.  Some songs can only be rock songs, and some can only be folk songs.  Girl Friday will give you just enough of a hint of plausible rhythms to hear the rock anthem inside each track, while being lyrically driven and recorded in a very entertaining style.  The disc is an easy listen and Serice’s voice is suited to an array of moods.  Pitch perfect and melody mobile, Serice uses a stellar set of harmonies, answers, and vocal fills to produce an album she can use as a stern foundation for her rising career.  The best cut of the disc is… no, it’s… well, it’s hard to nail down a fave, but I’m settling on “Leave The Light On” mostly because of its extreme dynamic, and outstanding instrumentation.  The best performance on the album comes on “Carry Me Away” as Serice moves toward a commercial viability that is usually elusive in this genre.  I’ve noticed over the years that strictly professional Christian artists have a particular sound that is clear, crisp, and masterfully performed.  I’ve often wondered if anyone could deliver that splendid sound and performance style without targeting such a narrow audience.  Girl Friday accomplishes the feat with appeal to a broad audience while delivering no-nonsense, straight forward performances and production.  Serice brings an elegance to the album that can never be labeled as ‘cute’ or ‘perdy dang good.’  No, these descriptions just won’t do.  This is sophisticated music that stands on a hill looking down at the masses and says, “I made this music for you, and I gave it everything I had to give.”  Easily duplicated on stage except for some of the complex vocal work, Girl Friday is certain to be seen performing near you.  Get the disc now so you can sing along when this songbird takes the stage.

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