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Grissom Hill
©2004 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Russ Grissom and H. Scott Hill are the core of Grissom Hill and with the input of Michael Clark and Russell Lincoln the sound becomes complete.  This Hill Country foursome brings their rock, alt-rock, and country influences to the table in their debut offering “OVERTIME.”  This baker’s dozen release includes tracks written by Grissom, Hill, and the pair as well.  This is not your typical band that caters to beer-bongers and gin-guzzlers.  While there are tunes that make them popular on the club scene, this is more heady stuff.  There’s an intellectual feel to many of the cuts and the occasional suite-styled epic that can come only from being totally focused on creating artful music.  Hill handles most of the vocal work and his voice is ranged and diverse.  Calling on multiple influences, Hill ranges from the eerie baritone to the hard-driving alto with ease.  This is a great first offering from a group with surprising talent.  Stephen Meyer’s production is noteworthy in parts, and while Meyer is capable of stellar productions, I think the band may have more in them than he was able to extract.  He does maintain masterful flow on a disc that could be tricky with its diversity.  Great performances by the sit-ins including Robert Tristan, Sue Ann Meyer, and Ron Browning.  I was intrigued by this disc.  It spoke to me in a way no other disc has in quite some time.  It was comfortable to listen to even when I wasn’t focusing on the lyrics.  Speaking of which, Grissom’s lyrics are poignant and timeless while Hill’s lyrics lean toward life experiences, particularly relationships.  A good mix, they give the album its diverse corners.  I predict you will hear much from this group.  Here are the first thirteen cuts.  Get them today!

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