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Grissom Hill
©2007 Independently released
Review by Jinelle Boyd


The sophomore release from Hill Country darlings Grissomhill is a testament to their pursuit of perfection and individuality.  Bands can only hope that their second project compares to the first…”WHO CARES?” will definitely catapult these guys into the top ranks of entertaining Texas bands!  The CD is such an easy listen – their lyrical style is finally settling into a groove that is, in my humble opinion, unlike anything else out there.  I imagine the perfect romantic date would involve either taking in a live Grissomhill show, or at least having this CD playing in the background…the music is THAT enjoyable.  Switching between roadhouse rock and Americana ballads, they cover all the musical bases with incredible ease.  Their diversity is sharply honed, and their musicianship is off the charts.  Scott Hill’s warm, buttery voice is perfectly suited for their original music, as is the excellent guitar work by Russ Grissom, Michael Clark, and Robert Tristan, and Russell Lincoln’s percussion.  It’s all peppered exactly where it needs to be, without being overbearing.  Too many times, egos exist in bands, and it usually comes through in the recording (i.e., unnecessary screaming guitar) – so it’s quite refreshing to hear what happens when band members genuinely respect one another’s talents.  My personal favorites are “Hollow”, and the sexy guitar work on “Time For Goodbye”, and it was tough to even single those two songs out because they’re ALL excellent.  Hats off to Grissomhill, who are gradually making their musical mark on the Lone Star state…believe me, this CD has “What It Takes” to make these guys a “Legend” in “Texas Music” and leave you “Begging For More”!  “Who Cares?”  WE DO!

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