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Genuine Texas
Music by Genuine
Texas Musicians
(2008) Compilation CD

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Song Clips

David & Kelly Hanshaw - Joined At The Heart Listen
T.C. SmytheThe Yard Man Listen
Danny Everitt - Cold Wind, Cold Rain Listen
Larry Carr - Free Puppy Listen
Bill Ward - Only Daughter Listen
Tressie Seegers - That Kind Of Love  Listen
Brian Kalinec - The Fence Listen
Derek Aramburu - Steps In The Sand Listen
Ken Gaines - Love In The Moonlight Listen
Carolyn Wallace - The Road Listen
Steve Price - The Magic Mandolin Listen
Swafo (Bill Swafair)
Death Of A Salesman (You're So Small!)
Glynace Eastham - Lou'siana Rain Listen
Brock Rodarte - In The Mean Time Listen
Steve Reno - Barstow To Bakersfield Listen
Randy Frisch - Throwin' Rocks And Cussin' Listen
Kat Rose - Coyote Whispers Listen
David Pierce - Buzzard Of Love Listen
Stan Hatch - SemperFi To My Girl Listen
Saylor & Kenyon White - The Last Thing Listen

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Song Clips

Mark Beets - The Road's Not Long Enough Listen
Smythe and Taylor (Gary Taylor) - 
You Can't Be a Wimp and Live in Texas
Sugar Bayou - Firefly Listen
David Brake October 14th, 1997 (Think of Me) Listen
Gary Seber - Candle Power Listen
Mark Zeus - Blue Horizon  Listen
Michael Crippen - Mean Joe Turner Listen
Selia Qynn - Bitter Blue Listen
Lawrence J. Clark - Desert Sky Listen
Sarah Golden - Hold Your Hand Listen
Mike Darnell - The Liberty Tree Listen
Eugene Western - Stars and Stripes Listen
Bill Aspinwall - October Avenue Listen
Connie Mims - Maybe By Topeka Listen
Michael Pope - Jellybeans Listen
John Stephen Lee  - Happiness In This Town Listen
Jim Kam - Remembering Allison Listen
Annie Lin - Ambulance Driver Listen

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