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Hank Woji
©2005 K Z Records
Review by Lucky Boyd

Waiting… waiting…. waiting… and now it's here.  The long awaited release from Houston balladeer Hank Woji has arrived and is set to take the musical world by storm.  I remember Hank gathering information and material for this project years ago.  He took his time and delivered a masterpiece on the first try.  The disc is genre-expansive in that while Woji could be considered a folk musician, this disc reaches vastly into areas normally untouched by his peers.  The project sports a mere nine cuts but they are like nine movements of a perfect symphony, tugging subtly in different directions within a common paradigm.  Woji is loyal to himself, opting for the artistic over the artificial, aspiring to the unforgettable instead of the fashionable.  The disc is a museum piece, expertly developed and produced, lyrics enclosed (at a type set not requiring a microscope) and smartly themed.  The music is solid from the folk ballad title cut to the worldly "Have You Seen The Taj Mahal?" and "Royal Love."  Woji employs many of his fellow MTMers on this project including Ken Gaines, Jeff Duncan, and Selia Qynn who penned "Royal Love."  Was this album worth the wait?  You betcha.  Hank Woji is a serious artist and a perfectionist incapable of releasing his music into mediocrity.  For all of you who know Hank Woji and for those of you who are just now discovering, this disc is for you.  A proud HAAM member, Woji should get plenty of mileage from this marvelous offering.  Award-worthy at every turn, this disc wildly exceeds any and all expectations.