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All For The One
(2003) CD

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Song Clips from
"All For The One" 

Everywhere Listen
In The Shire Listen
Nazgul Listen
There And Back Again Listen
Wind And The Way Listen
One More Time Listen
Hey Bombadil Listen
Echoes In Mirkwood Listen
Rivendell Listen
Grand Departure Listen
Mines Of Durin Listen
Lothlorien Listen
Whispers Of Gollum Listen
Beyond The River Listen
Destiny Chaser Listen
Witchking Listen
Thoughts Of Frodo Listen
Emptiness Listen
In Mordor Listen
Farewells Listen
Last To The Havens Listen
Rockin The Shire
(2001) CD
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Song Clips from
"Rockin' The Shire" 

Rockin' Listen
Paradise Listen
Don't Say No Listen
Holiday Listen
Listen To Your Heart Listen
Changes Listen
Bonus Track Listen
Television Listen
Join The Celebration Listen
Take Your Chances Listen
Lay Down Listen
Burn The Bridge Listen
Through The Looking Glass Listen
No Doubt And No Expectations Listen
Two Feet Tall
(1999) CD
$ 9.99

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Song Clips from
"Two Feet Tall" 

Midyear's Eve (1980) Listen
Two Feet Tall (1980) Listen
Love Is Forever (1979) Listen
Up And Down (1981) Listen
Intensity (1980) Listen
The Christmas Song (1983) Listen
The Way We Are (1981) Listen
Takin' Your Heart Away (1980) Listen
Need Your Love (1983) Listen
Puppets (1981) Listen
Till I Get You Back (1980) Listen
Take Me Tonight (1979) Listen
Faggots In The Fire (1979) Listen
Paul "Turk" Henry was also in LIX...

$ 9.99

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