Interview with Craig "Big-T" Thompson

February 1, 2003
Jinelle Boyd interview with Craig "Big T" Thompson, of Big T & The Bada Bings
Recently, Big T focused his energies toward getting the attention of the folks at Late Night With David Letterman.  What did he do?  He decided to climb a billboard in Dallas and live during the coldest week of the year!  Did he succeed?  Read on!

JB:  How long did you stay on top of the billboard?
BIG T:  Nine grueling days and nights.

JB: Would you do it again?
BIG T:  I would not do the billboard, but feeling very confident about our music, I am wiling to put myself in any place or situation to spread the good news about our music.

JB:  What was the worst thing about your experience?
BIG T:  The COLD!  Being so far up in the air, I had at least 20mph winds constantly.  Combine the winds with the coldest week of the year, I was miserable.  There were nights that got down to 14 degrees with the wind chill below zero.

JB:  Was anything easier than you thought it would be?
BIG T:  Yes, the radio interviews.  In the beginning, I was a little nervous about what to say, but it quickly got very comfortable and quite fun.

JB:  Were you contacted by the Letterman people?  What's the scoop?
BIG T:  NO!  We know for sure that the Letterman folks were well aware of the stunt, but we believe that they did not want to set a precedent of people doing stunts to get on the show.

JB:  What's your most memorable moment while up on the billboard?
BIG T:  Being on the Howard Stern Show, and Fox And Friends.  I was amazed to see how much radio coverage I received.  I was also pleased that no one took a negative slant on the story.  Everyone was really supportive.

JB:  What's the first thing you did when you got down?
BIG T:  I soaked in a hot tub!

JB:  What did you miss the most/least while up there?
BIG T:  I missed regular food. I put myself on a liquid diet to minimize output.  Towards the end, I really started craving some pizza or something.  I also missed my email.

JB:  What can you say is the best thing you took away from his whole experience?
BIG T:  This was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had.  I stayed in a really cool spirit of gratitude because of all of the wonderful support from the media and fans as far away as Germany.  It was the fans that kept me up on the board.  It was really fun to watch the feeding frenzy among the radio stations about this.  I was interviewed by several stations across the country.  I now have several radio stations that are asking for my CD's to add to their play list.  So, mission accomplished.  Thanks to MyTexasMusic for all of your support!

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