James Lann
©2008 Ari-Tex Records
Review by Lucky Boyd

Iíve always said that stardom in this industry requires 100 things to fall into place at exactly the same time.  One cannot assume to get to the top with only 90 of those things.  If you have 95, work hard, and have some luck, you can get there.  Iíve never seen an artist hit all 100, and Iíve not seen too many get above 80.  Thatís 80 conditions that are perfect; pretty good odds, but most never get there.  James Lann is a solid 96.  The sound, the writing, the performances, and the CD; four of the 100 are presented in Lannís sophomore release.  From the opening cut, you will understand the Texas influence on Lannís commercial-ready brand of country music.  By the time you reach the final cut, Lannís cover of Mac Davisí ďTexas In My Rear View Mirror,Ē you will have experienced what Texans will be listening to for years to come.  The title cut has gotten its share of airplay, but there are a half-dozen hits on this record.  James Lannís writing is a testament to his study of viable releases and what few covers exist on the album are expertly done.  Lannís vocal work is superb and identifiable, a trait that counts as one of the 100 things.  His voice is a little like this guy and a little like that guy, but not a lot like any guy.  It will quickly become a recognizable voice on the airwaves.  If Lann continues to surround himself with quality talent and interested professionals, he will find himself in a place where luck is the last puzzle piece.  At the time of this writing, I have spent almost nine years reviewing Texas music and only twice have I wished I owned a percentage of an artistís career.  This makes three.  If you like what country radio is playing these days, Lann fits right in, but heís just different enough to garner true Texas music fans as well.  ďDaddyís Little GirlĒ is arguably the albumís best cut conceptually and ďIím From The Country TooĒ (Stephen/OíRourke) is a major hit waiting to happen.  Latch on to this coastal Texan and get ready for the ride of your lifeÖ. most likely in a Chevrolet.

Stats:  15 cuts, 6 written by Lann, one co-write, 8 covers; Produced by Greg Cole and James Lann; 4-6-1 panel insert; liner notes, lyrics, replicated disc screened; jewel case; running time approx 51 minutes.