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Jason Marbach
©2005 Independently Released

Review by Lucky Boyd

Success in mainstream country music takes a combination of talent, looks, youth, drive, tenacity, great songs, persistence, good friends, money, and luck, all in great quantities.  Skip one and you might make it but skip two or more and you can forget it.  Jason Marbach has an ample amount of each.  The convergence of these qualities has resulted in Marbach’s debut EP release “SHE DROVE.”  This five-cut gem is a crystal ball that peers deep into the future of a young man who will be a major force in Texas music.  All famous performers have a first recording.  This is Jason Marbach’s.  These are the early years.  There is a bright and promising future for this native Texan.  Birthing an album is a daunting task and a great deal of work and passion went into this release.  Marbach pens or co-writes each cut, displaying vast songwriting ability.  Jason’s voice is country all the way with the buttery smoothness that will only temper with age.  I shudder to think how big this youngster’s career might get in the hands of a superstar producer like Rob Galbraith or Clayton Ryder.  This is an excellent first offering but it only scratches the surface of the stellar future of Jason Marbach.  The formula is in place and you can enjoy this great talent right now while ticket prices are under $100.  Get this disc and become the next Jason Marbach fan. 

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