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Jean Synodinos
©2006 Fortunate Records
Review by Lucky Boyd


Jean Synodinos is one of my personal favorites but I’ll try to give you an objective viewpoint.  Maybe.  “BREATHE” is a captivating record.  The reprise of the opening cut is worth the price of the entire album.  “Leave My Mark” might very well be my favorite song simply because it takes a special songwriter to use the word ‘reciprocity’ in lyric.  The voice is perfect as expected, offering that dangling vibrato on just the right accents.  And who else would toss in a Led Zeppelin tune for good measure?  We hear a rocky side to Synodinos as well as her jazz and folk side.  All around, this is a major disc.  Jean Synodinos is one of those performers that you just love to listen to, almost embarrassingly wanting to listen alone, almost like hiding away with a Nina Simone record.  Get your copy and listen once with your friends, then it’s okay to hibernate.  Great album hands down.

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