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Jean Synodinos
©2011 Fortunate Records
Review by Lucky Boyd


If you’ve read my reviews of Jean Synodinos before, you know she’s one of my favorites.  I think it’s the purity of the music that stands out.  Nothing pretentious or fake, just raw emotion and an endearing look at the world that few of us slow down enough to enjoy.  Jean Synodinos is the Alanis Morissette of Texas when it comes to songwriting.  To clarify that statement, let me invite you to listen to each song as a suite of three things; a subject you can relate to, a perfectly selected performance, and a complete disregard for cookie-cutter formulas.  Perhaps Jean’s unapologetic approach to music is her secret.  Too many artists back themselves into their performances in hopes that you will hear something you like.  Synodinos charges ahead with the confidence that you will connect with something she has to say.  “Enough Is Enough” is a tune of empowerment that will cause an emotional response in any sane listener.  The jazzy “Red Vase” simply raises the bar for Synodinos, as she truly holds her own next to any national act with this performance.  “The Scissors To My Rock” takes a simple concept and inserts a real-life situation with successful results.  With “Happiness Factor,” Jean puts herself in the wheelhouse of sultry jazz singer, Lynne Fiddmont, another fave of mine, and establishes a true foothold on her ability to compete in this genre.  On the very next track, Synodinos goes ‘country’ on “The Perfect Crime,” which accounts for the ‘otherwise’ in the album’s title.  Jean’s superbly-written “Knife” frankly scared the crap out of me.  Now, I really like Jean, but this song, all by itself, made me want to always stay on her good side.  Perhaps she could drop us a line giving us some insight as to the inspiration for that song… if she wanted to… no pressure.  This album is Jean Synodinos’ best work to date, out-shining her first two releases, if that’s possible.  Jean was nominated for a Texas Music Award in 2005.  Another nomination for this disc would not be a surprise.  My favorite lyric from the disc: “..those deer won’t shoot themselves.”  Ladies, buy this album today.  Guys, buy this album for your lady today.  Maybe she’ll even let you listen to it, if you’re good… or otherwise.

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